Mission with my Art

Hi there!

I wanted to personally thank you so much for visiting my artist website and online gallery offerings. You are invited to connect with me from here.

My creative process most often has the use of mixed media layers before oil paint. I also work as an energy “healer” so with my art process I work with information from the unseen worlds which is considered metaphysical science. 

So my art work is an extension of my energy work creating abstract and non-objective backgrounds which are intuitively painted. My backgrounds as well as the realism in my work have symbolism imbedded in the pieces as a portal that offers a code language of high vibrational frequencies to uplift a viewers energy and reach their subconscious mind. (please see some of my art piece descriptions)

 My goal is to support a persons energy (mind, emotions, Spirit) or their environmental energy with my works to affect well being. I am often surprised of the messages that whisper forth through the brush work and symbolism.

I feel that art has really "saved" me and kept me strenghtened. as dramatic as that sounds.  Yet it is something that keeps me hopeful, connected, meditative, challenged, expressive and joyful. 

Thanks for visiiting- Jen

*I work with commisions of all kinds...pet portraits, abstracts..just ask!