*pic above way back in 2016 w my Beloved Bella who crossed the rainbow bridge at 17 in 2019. 💜

Jennifer is originally from New Orleans. She currently resides in St. Louis, Missouri in a "boho" city neighborhood mixed with a natural vibe due to the numeorous luscious parks with 100 year old trees, undoubtedly on indigineous grounds.  She got started in the world of fine art later in life but looking back she had set herself up with other experiences to build foundations towards becoming an entrepreneur and an artist .

At a young age of 8, rather than a lemonade stand, Jennifer sold mini pizzas on her street corner that she made from scratch. Later it would be her own greeting cards as well as a mini musical she created , ran and performed with other students, in the 5th grade called "Corn Dogs".  Jennifer started a modelling career at 12 years old and into her teens.  In her 20’s Jennifer gravitated towards a career in dental lab art technologies where she worked with plaster designs and metal finishing. This work gave her a real practice in having an artistic eye and craftmanship.  Many years later Jennifer started teaching herself how to draw portraits and animals.  During this period of time Jennifer and her dog Bella lived nomadically; She had limited resources so she bought childrens paint and other art supplies at local discount stores. Throughout all the moving, she always found a way to set up some studio space determined to master drawing and painting skills and in December of 2017 one of her paintings was displayed in a Guadalupe art gallery show in Sante Fe, NM.  To expand futher Jennifer enrolled in a mastery drawing and painting  school intensive that helped her blossom into technical skills to allow her visions to show on canvas. 

Jennifers passion is to create art that instills a sense of unity and transformation.   In her artistic process she uses many elements of line with mixed media including, inks, acrylic, artist crayon and oil paint. She paints her  inner visions which allow for an introspective visual experience, often combing realism with abstract. 

Jennifer finally has her dream art studio in her home. She runs a holistic animal care business and practices energy healing arts. Jennifer continues to curate her studies and career in fine art and loves art history. Some of her favorite artist influencers are Hilma Af Clint, Frida Kahlo, Jean-Michel Basquit, and Pablo Picasso.