Mission with my Art

Thank you for visiting my shop aka "gallery" !   My hope is to enhance your environment with a portal of high vibes!

I work with energy work with horses, dogs, cats and humans aside from professional art work and I run an animal care business...Unity and Peace is important to me and treating all sentient life and nature with respect....and due to my energy work since 2007,  I naturally channel Light codes (energy and symbolism of sweet vibes for the Soul) into my art and I believe w are all magicans and anything is possible...as for my art "style" (specifics are on my about page).... I work with realism subject matter yet blended with non objective and abstract art.

I offer commissions and love painting just about anything and can work with many desired styles.  

The majority of my original art subjects are portraits, animals and abstract nature scenes.

Please feel invited to connect!

Unlimited Blessings,