A Flowers' Universe

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A Flowers' Universe

Oval frame created with mixed media....including oil. Painting is also painting around frame.
This is a New Mexico flower called "Jacobs Ladder".
I was recently very sick - it was just this past month and between my back being injured and dealing with a very difficult virus, I had to contemplate a lot to escape the pain.
In that escape, I was given the gift to see the details of things in different ways than I had before.
I realized just how amazing and intricate flowers are in their appearance and unique scents and how we only have so much time to appreciate them in their blossomed stages throughout the seasons of change.
This painting represents a feeling of unity I want to offer in my art work as I see flowers like every other living being; they have their own experience in the world around them that we may be a part of- if we just take the time to see and feel and breathe in…a flowers bigger picture.
It represents my work by using mixed media to represent abstract, realism and fantasy combined. I like to use loose methods in the beginning and then refining in areas, to create a pleasurable visual and diverse experience.
My work is inspired from my own imagination and intuition rather than philosophies coming from the outside world.